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Signed copies
Signed copies
Welcome to Shadow Publishing
Tales of the Grotesque: A Collection of Uneasy Tales. Our latest title is a rare collection by L. A. Lewis. First published by Philip Allen in 1934, a reprint was issued in 1994 by The Ghost Story Press - both editions now scarce collector's items.
Now for the first time in paperback, this new edition makes the strange tales of Lewis readily available to a host of new readers.
Edited and with an introduction by Richard Dalby, and cover artwork by David Fletcher, Shadow Publishing is delighted to add this new collection to its list.
“The emaciated sodden legs beat a ceaseless march on the unresisting veil, like those of a gallows victim marking time in air. The battered, half-eaten arms clawed blindly at nothing. The eyes were gone, and within their ragged-edged hollows was manifest the coiling purposeful movement of reptilian life.” (‘Animate in Death’)
Squadron Leader Leslie Allin Lewis (1899-1961) was a veteran of both world wars, flying Sopwith Camels over France in 1918 and Hurricanes over England in 1940. He was also one of the best writers in the macabre and supernatural genre between wars.
“Lewis undoubtedly earns a high place among the best masters of supernatural and macabre literature that Britain has ever produced”. (Richard Dalby)
“A brilliant collection”. (Mark Samuels)


The Satyr's Head: Tales of Terror. Shadow Publishing's first book, issued in 2012. Brilliant cover artwork by Steve Upham. An anthology of terrifying tales by Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, David A. Riley, Eddy C. Bertin, Joseph Payne Brennan and others.
The stunning cover design is by Steve Upham.
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