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Signed copies
Signed copies
Horror On The High Seas. Classic weird sea tales, selected by David A. Sutton. With stories by William Hope Hodgson, F. Marion Crawford, Vernon Lee and others. Cover art by Jim Pitts. Stories about phantom ships and their phantom sailors, weird encounters with spirits, a vengeful sea sprite, and even an amusing yarn about a sea serpent. So, reader, take a passage with us to the weird realms of the benighted oceans! For more information click here

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Creeping Crawlers
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Tales of the Grotesque: A Collection of Uneasy Tales. A rare collection by L. A. Lewis. First published by Philip Allen in 1934, a reprint was issued in 1994 by The Ghost Story Press - both editions now scarce collector's items. Now for the first time in paperback, this new edition makes the strange tales of Lewis readily available to a host of new readers.
Edited and with an introduction by Richard Dalby, and cover artwork by David Fletcher, Shadow Publishing is delighted to add this new collection to its list. Click here for more information.
Shadow Publishing is proud to announce a major anthology of new stories, edited by Allen Ashley, to be published Autumn 2015. Allen says, "What is this lingering fear of insects, arachnids, arthropods, crustaceans and those that slither? Is it a hangover from the survival battles in the savannah or does it go deeper and further back than that in our evolutionary heritage? Does the highly regulated ant society represent a worrying paradigm of a potential human future? Unchallenged, the locusts, the maggots, the worms, the flies, the aphids and the termites may consume and destroy all that we have and hold dear. In a subtler way, we think we are in control of the Earth but the insect class are the great survivors biding their time and, whilst they are playing the long game, perhaps they are also manipulating us for their own inscrutable purposes". We are seeking submissions for the anthology commencing 1st March 2015.  Click here for Writer's Guidelines.    For more information click here.
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